Outdoor Tiles: Desert Trees

 Sep 18, 2018 - Assets

 Dungeon Channel

A high quality collection of top-down trees with so many variations in seasons and time that they are a perfect fit for any sandy outdoor situation. Whether you’re looking for the entrance to the pyramids or chasing after a Djinni, we’ve got you covered. Included you’ll find:

Desert Environment (60 images)

  • 10 yellow sand backgrounds
  • 5 red sand backgrounds
  • 4 levels of light each (Daylight to Moonlight)

Palm Trees (180 images)

  • 20 different trees, each with
  • Spring, Fall and Summer seasons
  • Daylight, Dusk and Night times for every season
  • LQ version up to 4×4 tiles per tree
  • HQ version up to 8×8 tiles per tree
  • Shadow-only versions included, to see under the trees.

Cactus (42 images)

  • Daylight, Dusk and Night times
  • 10 Clusters to quickly fill the map
  • 4 Single version for fine control

Available at DriveThruRPG for other platforms.

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